Over The Sky


Shiiki Toko

USA, Japan/42min./2019

kazuyosensei_studentA documentary about the power of music as seen through a music teacher and her award-winning junior high school wind ensemble who live around the coastal area of Fukushima, affected by the 2011 disasters.
7 years after the disaster, Ms. Abe encountered another big challenge. However, she never gives up music and life and keeps moving forward with hope.
Title in English Over The Sky
Title in Original Language この空を越えて
Director(s) Shiiki Toko
Director's Bio/Filmography Born and raised in Japan, Toko Shiiki spent most of her life in Tokyo before moving to Michigan in 2005. Toko’s pursuit of using photography as a narrative medium inspired her to explore documentary filmmaking, where she delights in meeting fascinating people and sharing their stories with the world. Since 2012, Toko has produced several documentary shorts, covering subjects like Japanese writers in University of Iowa's renowned International Writing Program, "The Medium is The Messenger", and an award-winning sake chief brewer in Fukushima, "Passing the Baton". She made her feature-length debut with “Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima", and the sequel film "Over The Sky", which chronicled how Fukushima residents weathered the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, earning an Accolade Global Film Competition Award (Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues/Awareness Raising) - "Threshold: Whispers of Fukushima", a Hometown Media Awards in the category of "documentary independent producer" - "Over The Sky" by Alliance for Community Media, and nominated Nonfiction competition by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019 - "Passing the Baton".
Year of Completion 2019
Nationality of the Film USA, Japan
Running Time 42 min.
Aspect Ratio Video: 16:9
Color Color
Screening Format BD
Shooting Locations Minamisoma City, Fukushima
Shooting Dates/Periods Nov 26 2013 - Nov 13 2017
Names of Characters Abe Kazuyo
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,
Subtitles English,
Date of First Public Screening 2018/4/4
Place of First Public Screening (Country) USA
Date of First Public Screening in Japan 2019/10/13
Previous Screenings at Other Film Festivals and Events AAS FILM EXPO 2019 (Denver, Colorado, United States / March 21, 2019 / Official Selection)
Staff Credits Photography: Shiiki Toko
Editing: Shiiki Toko
Sound: Erik Santos
Others:Sound Editor: Erik Santos
Producer Shiiki Toko
Distributor / Distribution Company Shiiki Toko
Official Website for the Film http://thresholdfukushima.com/over-the-sky.html
Other Online Access to the film https://www.facebook.com/thresholdfukushima/
Screenings at the Past YIDFF Programs and Events YIDFF 2019