Miyato, Record of Recovery 2011-2013

宮戸 復興の記録 2011〜2013

Iizuka Toshio


宮戸_復興の記録_2011〜2013Miyato Island is the biggest island in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, which is one of the Three Views of Japan. Tsukihama Enzunowari, a bird driving procession during the lunar New Year festival, has taken place continuously for hundreds of years. While filming this event as a film preservation project for the Agency of Cultural Affairs, the island was devastated by the Great East Japan earthquake on March 11. Entire communities were lost, and many residents became refugees. Visiting the island several times, filming continued to record how the community was revived. About 1,000 residents lived in four communities on the island. Each community kept its strong bonds after the disaster. The survivors called out to each other, when a large tsunami struck. As the result, no one died. However, their way of living  changed drastically. Each community has started defining its individual character. One makes a strong effort to attract tourism, the other to fishing and so on.
Title in English Miyato, Record of Recovery 2011-2013
Title in Original Language 宮戸 復興の記録 2011〜2013
Director(s) Iizuka Toshio
Director's Bio/Filmography Born in Gunma in 1947. Iizuka joined Ogawa Productions while a student at Tohoku University, making his directorial debut with A Movie Capital (1991, YIDFF’99). He received an Award for Excellence from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for "The Sound of Tiny Wings", his first film after turning independent in 1991. His major works include a trilogy on Jomon culture, "The Kingdom of Wood and Earth", and a video series, "The Travels of Sugae Masumi".
Year of Completion 2014
Nationality of the Film Japan
Running Time 58 min.
Aspect Ratio Film:
Color Color
Screening Format DVD
Shooting Locations Higashi-Matsushima City (Miyagi)
Shooting Dates/Periods October 10, 2010 - February 22, 2011,
March 30, 2011 - October 30, 2013
Names of Characters People of Miyato island, Higashi-Matsushima City
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,
Subtitles Japanese,
Date of First Public Screening 2014/3/25
Place of First Public Screening (Country) Japan
Date of First Public Screening in Japan 2014/3/25
Previous Screenings at Other Film Festivals and Events Yufuin Cultural and Documentary Film Festival 2014 (7th Matsukawa Prize)
Staff Credits Script: Iizuka Toshio
Photography: Shigeeda Akinori
Editing: Iizuka Toshio
Narration: Iizuka Toshio
Producer Iizuka Toshio
Distributor / Distribution Company
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Screenings at the Past YIDFF Programs and Events None