Tomita Chikako


"Shoku no Mori" is located in Kisuki-cho, Unnan City of Shimane Prefecture. Kisuki Nyugyo Corporation, famous for Japan's first pasteurized milk, is not far away from there. Shoku no Mori consists of a winery, a tofu shop, a completely chemical free vineyard, a bakery, and more. Safe ingredients are used throughout all processes from production to sales. Everything is exceptionally delicious. There is even a "thatched house", where visitors can stay and use for events such as workshops, meetings, etc. As the leading figure who organized the basic concepts, "Farmer Sato Chukichi" attracts many people from all over the world who visit in order to meet him. What do they come in search of? Filming started from this question. This film is a story of people who have been living with various negatively changing circumstances, and how they began to pursue the goal of "building of a dignified, quiet, simple society". Even after being exposed to education, family history and religion, it still took three and a half years to foster this motivation. During this period, the 3.11 earthquake occurred. It seems to suggest to us how we are living in the harsh reality after 3/11. The title "Kisuki・tsugi-no-mura" is the name of the employee magazine.
Title in English Kisuki・tsuginomura
Title in Original Language きすき・次の村
Director(s) Tomita Chikako
Director's Bio/Filmography "Kaiko-Yasinahigusa" (2008)
Director/ Photography/ Editing :Tomita Chikako
Music: Mckennitt & Quinlan Road

nominated at Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival and Festival de Cine de Granada
awarded at Festival du Cinéma de Bruxelles and
Festival du Film de Strasbourg
Year of Completion 2012
Nationality of the Film Japan
Running Time 100 min.
Aspect Ratio Video: 16:9
Color Color
Screening Format DVD
Shooting Locations
Shooting Dates/Periods April 13, 2009 - March 27, 2011
September 14, 2011 - June 9, 2012
Names of Characters
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,
Subtitles none,
Date of First Public Screening 2013/1/6
Place of First Public Screening (Country)
Date of First Public Screening in Japan 2013/1/6
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Staff Credits Photography: Tomita Chikako
Editing: Tomita Chikako
Music: Kishi Mitsuaki CD
Producer Tomita Chikako
Distributor / Distribution Company Tomita Chikako
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Screenings at the Past YIDFF Programs and Events None