Voices from the Waves KESENNUMA

なみのこえ 気仙沼

Sakai Ko, Hamaguchi Ryusuke


nami_no_koe_still_03A companion piece to Voices from the Waves Shinchimachi that forms half of the second installment in a documentary trilogy on the Tohoku region, co-directed by Sakai Ko and Hamaguchi Ryusuke. Through numerous interviews, they concentrate on the experiences and emotions of people, not as victims but as individuals.
In Kesennuma one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the directors lend their ears to words spoken by various victims. Through speaking and listening, what emerges is wounds that remain unhealed, mixed feelings regarding survival, and a faint hope for the future.
Title in English Voices from the Waves KESENNUMA
Title in Original Language なみのこえ 気仙沼
Director(s) Sakai Ko, Hamaguchi Ryusuke
Director's Bio/Filmography Ko Sakai
Born 1979 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Currently based in Tokyo. Began producing his own film while a student at the Tokyo University o Agriculture. After graduating and entering the workforce, Sakai Ko entered a Graduate School of Film and New Media at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2005. His thesis film was Creep (2007). His other work includes Home Sweet Home (2006). Currently based in Sendai and continuing to record Tohoku folklores in Miyagi with people in “Storytellers”(one of Tohoku Documentary trilogy).

Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Born 1978 in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Currently based in Kobe. After graduating from the Literture Department of Tokyo University and working as an assistant director for film and television, Hamaguchi entered the Guraduate School of Film and New Media at the Tokyo University of Arts. His thesis film was Passion (2008). He has directed several theatrical films including Intimacies (2012), and Touching the Skin of Eeriness (2013). Currently based in Kobe where he facilitates an improvisational acting workshop and is shooting a feature length film with participants as actors.
Year of Completion 2013
Nationality of the Film Japan
Running Time 109 min.
Aspect Ratio Video: 16:9
Color Color
Screening Format BDDVD
Shooting Locations Kesennuma
Shooting Dates/Periods
Names of Characters
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,
Subtitles English,
Date of First Public Screening 2013/11/16
Place of First Public Screening (Country)
Date of First Public Screening in Japan
Previous Screenings at Other Film Festivals and Events YIDFF 2013 International Competition (YIDFF special edition)
Staff Credits Photography: Sasaki Yasuuyuki, Kitagawa Yoshio
Sound: Suzuki Akihiko, Hwang Young Chang
Others:Colorist: Baba Kazuyuki
Producer Serizawa Takashi, Aizawa Kumi (silent voice)
Distributor / Distribution Company silent voice LLP
Official Website for the Film http://silentvoice.jp/naminokoe/
Other Online Access to the film http://www.silentvoice.jp/
Screenings at the Past YIDFF Programs and Events YIDFF 2013