Mitsuaki Saito


Fukushima: is the geographic place, and symbolic point. It is not only a place of fame since the nuclear catastrophe. This is also where I return to the point that separate the before and after, the childhood and the adult, the past and the future. The return voyage that Fukushima is the city that my father left, and that this is also the city that I returned to. The serenity of the agriculture farmers reminds me that there is continuation of life and activity, nonetheless. The Buddhist ritual who accompany my father on his last voyage whose death is not the end but reincarnation.
Title in English yabuki-machi
Title in Original Language 矢吹町
Director(s) Mitsuaki Saito
Director's Bio/Filmography Mitsuaki studied at the national school of arts in Valenciennes. In 2011, after obtaining the DNSEP, it is brought home to two years in Fresnoy.
Year of Completion 2012
Nationality of the Film France
Running Time 33 min.
Aspect Ratio Film:
Color Color
Screening Format DCPDVD
Shooting Locations Fukushima
Shooting Dates/Periods March 10, 2012 - March 24, 2012
Names of Characters
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,French,
Subtitles English,France
Date of First Public Screening 2012/11/27
Place of First Public Screening (Country) Itsra, clermont ferrand
Date of First Public Screening in Japan 2012/11/27
Previous Screenings at Other Film Festivals and Events IDFF, Foscari, Csaba paksi, Festival des nations Porto7, Reel en vue, Filmer le travail, DocuDay, Agrofilmfest
Staff Credits Script: Mitsuaki Saito
Editing: Mitsuaki Saito
Sound: Maxence Ciekawy 
Music: Akiko Okumura, Charies Menager
Narration: Mitsuaki Saito
Producer François Bonenfant
Distributor / Distribution Company Le Fresnoy Natalia Trebik
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Screenings at the Past YIDFF Programs and Events None