東日本大震災復興支援・特別芸術鑑賞会 寺内タケシとブルージーンズ 実録・青春へのメッセージ そして宮古へ

Ishikawa Takashi (Director), Kobayashi Takeshi (Producer)


Terauchi Takeshi is a seventy-two-year genius electric guitarist. He visited Miyako, an affected area, to fulfill a promise to high school students. He drove all the way from Yokohama to Miyako, Iwate Prefecture all night. Through his soulful guitar performance with wounds all over his body, he changed the aspect of the high school students little by little. Terauchi's heart and soul guitar playing and a message with the miraculous power of language give us encouragement and energy to live.
Title in English Message
Title in Original Language 東日本大震災復興支援・特別芸術鑑賞会 寺内タケシとブルージーンズ 実録・青春へのメッセージ そして宮古へ
Director(s) Ishikawa Takashi (Director), Kobayashi Takeshi (Producer)
Director's Bio/Filmography Graduated from Media Course, Osaka University of Arts in 1999. Ishikawa joined the Eizo Yamato, a film and video production company and studied under a documentary film director Harada Susumu. He produces television, commercials and music videos. He directed the tour documentary "Treasures in Brilliant Island", that high schools students played a drama for Sri Lanka's children. "Prayer of Japan" for the Kyoto Minamiza Theater, "Dramatic Kojiki" based on a novel of Ichikawa Shinichi in the Kyoto Gekijo in 2014. He is working in various subjects.
Year of Completion 2011
Nationality of the Film Japan
Running Time 53 min.
Aspect Ratio Video: 16:9
Color Color
Screening Format HDCAM
Shooting Locations Miyako City (Iwate)
Shooting Dates/Periods June 29, 2011 - June 30, 2011
Names of Characters Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,
Subtitles English,
Date of First Public Screening 2011/8/
Place of First Public Screening (Country) Japan
Date of First Public Screening in Japan 2011/8/
Previous Screenings at Other Film Festivals and Events TV broadcast
Staff Credits Script: Kobayashi Takeshi
Photography: Uemura Tomohiro, Yamamoto Yasuji, Aritani Akihiko
Editing: Ishikawa Takashi
Narration: Aoi Risa
Producer Eizo Yamato
Distributor / Distribution Company Kobayashi Takeshi
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Screenings at the Past YIDFF Programs and Events None