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Please Do Not Forget the Memories


Takano Hiroyuki


The place that was close by that I liked, has become the place that was distant and unapproachable ever since that day. I'd like to stare away from destruction, in order not to play with other people's affair. I went there almost every day to the place where it has suffered by the tsunami, in the relationship; which has been involved in cleaning debris and disaster recovery since the aftermath of the Great East Japan earthquake. I tried to tell my family and friends about the seriousness of the damage that I saw, but it was a failure; and mutual interest was the fullest size of damage by looking at from a distant view.
Indescribable yet terrible sight and that the landscape kept changing on a daily basis by disaster recovery, left me feel rushed and brought a sense of strange responsibility to 'record'. This film is just a single part of countless happenings of the Great East Japan earthquake, however, that's one consolation; if it could be someone's eye of those who couldn't go.
Title in English Please Do Not Forget the Memories
Title in Original Language どうか記憶よ離れないで
Director(s) Takano Hiroyuki
Director's Bio/Filmography Born in Sendai City in 1980. Takano runs a construction company. While working as a volunteer for the recovery effort, he began recording the damage afflicted area and subsequent recovery effort after the Great East Japan Earthquake hit Sendai. Since 2012, he has been hosting "koe cinema" (voice cinema), which offers opportunities for the screening of disaster record images and crosstalk. He recently started recording everyday events of his locals whom he frequented during the recovery effort.
Year of Completion 2012
Nationality of the Film Japan
Running Time 52 min.
Aspect Ratio Video: 16:9
Color Color
Screening Format BD
Shooting Locations Yuriage area in Natori City, Arahama area and Fukanuma Beach in Sendai City (Miyagi) Shinchi Town (Fukushima)
Shooting Dates/Periods May and June 2011, February 2012
Names of Characters
Language of Commentary and Dialogue Japanese,
Subtitles none,
Date of First Public Screening 2013/3/
Place of First Public Screening (Country) Japan
Date of First Public Screening in Japan
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Staff Credits Photography: Takano Hiroyuki
Editing: Takano Hiroyuki
Producer Takano Hiroyuki
Distributor / Distribution Company Takano Hiroyuki
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